Now that many fashion design schools have had to send their students home before the semester ended (damn you Corona Virus) the students no longer have access to dress forms they need to learn how to drape and design.

As an alternative to having a life size dress form, schools are ordering these half scale forms and shipping them to their students to use at home.

We received an order for 12 of them in one day from the Rhode Island School of Design. These are our most popular but we also have two other styles, which are slightly more expensive.

This one in a size 8

We also have the same style in a size 6

All three of these half scale forms are specifically for fashion designing. The other miniature dress forms we sell below are more for decorating, not for designing. 

Our inventory is running low because we weren’t expecting such a rush at this time of the year. Normally these are purchased at the beginning of the school term. If you want to order, here is the link.


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