Mannequins have always been considered “silent salespeople” but traditionally they were selling clothing for retail stores. But now in this era of social distancing, mannequins are now selling a distraction from the new realities of life.

Here are various ways that businesses and private individuals all over the world are using mannequins in different ways as a result of Corvid19.

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1 The Inn at Washington, a three star Michelin restaurant in the DC area got a ton of free publicity for their unexpected use of mannequins. They created vignettes of mannequins “dining” at tables so that their dining room would feel less empty while social distancing protocols go into place.
Apparently the owner is known for being on the theatrical side, so this idea is in keeping with his brand. Not sure if is is practical for other restaurants to copy. But from a publicity standpoint it was a huge win.

 Practically everyone I know sent me this story which was all over social media and a few people contacted me about starting a mannequin rental business in their city to appeal to the restaurant industry.

2 A budget version of the idea above was done by a restaurant in Australia. The Continental Cafe  put mannequin heads at their tables. They wanted a distraction for customers who came in to pick up their take out orders. It not only attracted the attention of customers but the police as well. Not sure if that was what they were intending to do, but it got them a lot of publicity.

As a side note, our sales of used mannequin heads for $10.00 have gone through the roof . Seems like everyone with a sewing machine is making a mask and the use to heads for sizing and displaying the masks.

3 In Canada a private individual dressed up seven female mannequins and set them up on the deck of her unfinished home. She wanted it as a light-hearted installation for passersby to enjoy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I thought that in these times we needed something a little frivolous and fun,” she said. The mannequins are dressed in evening attire and some hold a half-full wine glass. 

4 In this same vein a man in California appeared on the local news for mannequins as lawn decorations to thank essential workers and to send a message about social distancing.

The mannequins are place 6 feet apart, are wearing masks and the message is: “Social distancing. Even a dummy can do it.”

Personally I think his display would have been more tasteful if he had put clothing on the mannequins in addition to the masks.

5 A man in Houston did a similar social distance theme on his front yard. The mannequin had clothing on but no head for a mask.