It seems the by-product of being deprived of interaction with other humans as we shelter in place is people are turning to a mannequin as a human replacement.

Mannequins have always been a source of fantasy and inspiration for all kinds of creative projects. Normally it is at Burning Man and Halloween where I hear about the more unusual repurposing of mannequins.

As the owner of a mannequin recycling company I am always on the lookout for what type of non-traditional  people do or make with mannequins. Such as making Dress Form Christmas trees.

But COVID19 is causing people to do different types of things with mannequins.  So much so that I have created a new category on my blog called Mannequins & COVID19 to highlight  these projects.

The images in this post are about the couple from Vancouver profiled in detail in this newspaper article. The put a mannequin in their front yard and every day they dress him in a different outfit/costume and surround him with props and signage to create a story.

They post their mannequin vignette’s on Tiktok and created a Facebook page  (908 Mannequin) devoted to “Manny the Mannequin.”

Neighbors driving or cycling by have stopped to take selfies with Manny, and his Facebook page, 908 Mannequin, has picked up hundreds of followers.

Manny sometimes likes cross-dress. But whatever he is wearing he is always standing beside a sign that has a message of hope, inspiration or humor.

Are you or someone you know doing something unusual with mannequins as we shelter in place? Let us know so we can feature it here.


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