If you are looking to create social distance and have a full venue, using cardboard mannequins is a creative option. Here are five reasons why everyone from event planners, wedding planners and sports teams are using them

1 They are a fraction of the cost of fiberglass mannequins and are are available in a half size to put in a chair or stadium seat.

Or full size for a standing room only effect.

 2 You can customize the mannequin to look like anyone you want. As long as you have the image to upload, it can be printed on a cardboard mannequin, or you can use our stock images.

So it makes it possible to have the type of diversity you don’t normally see in regular mannequins.

3 You can also submit images of your friends and family. That is why many brides are using cardboard mannequins in the images of their loved ones who are unable to attend their zoom wedding.

4 And in Europe, so that soccer teams don’t play in an empty stadium a sports team is using cardboard mannequins in a novel way. They encouraged  their fans to send in photos of themselves to be printed on cardboard mannequins so they can “be” in the stands to watch.

If you want cardboard mannequins at your next event, we have them available here at Mannequin Madness.


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