When a national chain closes locations they  typically hire a retail liquidation company to manage the removal of all the merchandise and store fixtures.

This service is not cheap as retail liquidation companies will either charge a flat fee up front or take a percentage of the sales. And anything that is unsold you might have to also pay for the cost to haul everything away. All of this adds up to be very expensive to go out of business.

Here are money saving alternatives that some of the national retailers we have worked with have done instead.

1 They offer their merchandise at a deep discount and post the sale on their social media platforms Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Offer Up.

2 They give their employees and friends and family of the employee an extra discount and have a special shopping day just for them.

3 Whatever merchandise is unsold they get a tax deduction by donating it to a non-profit organization who will pick up the merchandise for free.

4 For the store fixtures like mannequins, dress forms mirrors and garment racks you can call a mannequin recycling company (like Mannequin Madness) who will pick up these items free of charge. Mannequin Madness is headquartered in the SF Bay Area but we have associates throughout the country.  So we can facilitate mannequin pick ups in most major cities.


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