Dress Forms are super versatile for decor for holiday displays. The most popular styles are for Dress Form Christmas trees.  But they can easily be repurposed for holiday displays all year round. Here are some examples for the July 4 holiday (and can also be for Memorial Day)

This one was made by the staff at Mannequin Madness. It is SUPER simple. A few flowers at the neck and a scarf wrapped around the bodice (both purchased from The Dollar Tree). And the skirt is a denim jacket wrapped around the waist.

The dress form was made out of Deco Mesh from the folks at Papermart.

Quick side bar:  This is the same dress form (which they purchased from Mannequin Madness) that they used for this Valentine’s Day Display. I just wanted to show you how versatile a dress form is for decorating.

Back to July 4th

If you have a wire dress form versus a cloth one, you can do something like this for July 4th. They used fabric scraps but you can also use ribbon.

This one is a flag artfully draped around a dress form and belted. The hat is a nice touch and as you can see this idea can be used indoors or outdoors.

Another simple DIY holiday  is to put a patriotic themed costume on a dress form – no sewing, belting or tying needed.

For more holiday dress form ideas for July 4th, check out this board on Pinterest. And if you need to buy a new or used dress form, check out MannequinMadness.com. Also, check out our Facebook group here.