While some establishments are putting fiberglass mannequins in their venues to make it look like a full house. That doesn’t work for private parties or weddings. Nor is it very personal.

But there is an option that is gaining popularity: cardboard mannequins which can be customized in the image of your family or friends – even your pet. 

Here is a fun example of how one couple used cardboard mannequins to create a memorable birthday party.

NOTE: the party images in the blog post are not very clear because they were reposted from another blog. The actual images of the cardboard mannequins is super sharp and clear like this:

When Kim Stolz realized that her fiancé’s birthday would be taking place during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, she knew that she had to think of a creative way to celebrate the occasion. 

“My fiancé’s birthday was during the lockdown and I knew she would have loved to see her friends and family,” said Stolz. 

Stolz took this information to heart and wanted to surprise her fiancé, Laura Hayward, with an unforgettable day.

Stolz ordered dozens of cardboard mannequins of all the people that Hayward loves and scattered them around the house before she woke up on her birthday.

She  made sure to invite her fiancé’s animal friends to the birthday party — two cats and a horse were present for the big day!

Some guests greeted Hayward as she emerged from her bedroom upstairs, while the majority awaited her arrival in the living room.

“She was absolutely amazed by the mannequins ! She couldn’t believe it!” said Stolz.

Despite having to stay at home on her birthday, it’s clear that Hayward made the most of her special day. She took photos with all of her friends and loved ones, and she and Stolz even played a clever game of “Guess Who” with the birthday party guests. 

Although Hayward’s birthday has since passed, she and Stolz continue to have fun with the party guests.“Right now, they are still around the house, so sometimes we have a little dance party with them,” said Stolz

Cardboard mannequins can have additional features like a thought bubble with a message or can it can be whiteboard so you can write on it. They can be an illustration –

And once we can start having large in person gatherings, you can use the cardboard cutouts as decoration at your events.

Although we sell traditional fiberglass mannequins at Mannequin Madness, we don’t have the cardboard ones. Instead we have partnered with a vendor who does. They will give you a 10% discount if you use this link and type in MM10 at checkout.


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