This is my series devoted to the real life models who became Rootstein mannequins. The mannequins are also dressed in attire that provides a little bit of fashion history.

I published a realistic version of Yasmine earlier. This is an abstract version which was very popular at Ralph Lauren stores.

Yasmine Lebon left to right, pose code AR1/YSB and AR1B/YSB. Both are Girl Thing Series body ( John Taylor, last series, original sculptor for Rootstein) ,circa 2002.

Styled in (left to right) green Marshall Fields 28 Shop dress with matching belt ( the 28 shop, was exclusive, named after the private elevator entrance at 28 East Washington Street, Flagship location, the shop featured 28 dressing rooms, decorated in 14 color palette, a 1940’s advertising campaign featured model in dress, coat and hat, artistically photographed by George Platt Lynes.) Vintage Lira earrings, coral necklace and Limited shoes.

Multiple color, Iceberg dress, green onyx earrings, vintage lira bracelet, and limited shoes.

This is an update about the Bubbles collection. My collector owns one of the Bubbles series which I posted earlier here. But on Facebook someone inquired about seeing images of the other versions. So I have the catalog images here below.

The other versions of the Bubbles are girls who are made up to look like Anime characters. (We had quite a few in that style that we recycled from Nordstrom stores and they flew out of our warehouse.)The Bubbles mannequins were produced to display youth (as in young adult) clothing. And the body is one that many collectors purchased to turn into Twiggy.

And there was one male in this series called Chuck.

Chuck must be a unicorn as I have never seen him anywhere.

This is Victoria from Body Gossip Series, pose code X10, this pose also became part of Classics Collection Series. Victoria was also the sample face to paint skintone and makeup, before Susanna Lindsmayer.

Rootstein, Victoria styled in Ralph Rucci dress ( his clothing has been exhibited in museums, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art), shoes Roger Vivier and Christian Dior shoes a collaboration circa 1954. Peacock pearls


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