This might not be the ideal time to think about buying a used Rootstein mannequin. Even if the price is super discounted from what they would normally cost. But if you aren’t interested in buying, perhaps you just might enjoy this momentary distraction at looking at them.

Cause if more retailers continue to go bankrupt or move to an online only model, mannequins like these might go the way of the dinosaur.

These 10 mannequins arrived from a retailer  in West Palm Beach. These are photos of them arriving off the truck of my associate in Florida who picked them up.

All but one has a glass base and bum rod.In the past we sold those mannequins in the $300 price range.

Since these mannequins are becoming more difficult to find on the used market, this would  normally cause prices to rise.

But that’s not the case anymore now. So they are $200

or best offer if you are buying multiples. These are not on our website yet, so if you are interested, send an email at with the photo of the one you want.


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