I thought I was the only person who put a mannequin in the garden just for fun. Some people mosaic a mannequin so that it looks artistic and others use them as a scarecrow so that they are functional. But I just add them in my garden as is, and apparently others to the same.

Here is my peeping Tom is is lurking around the back fence by the fountain. I spray painted him in a concrete finish.

I also have this flirty pair of mannequins that I call Adam and Eve.

I am on a Facebook group for collectors/sellers of vintage mannequins and on one of the posts member’s shared photos of the mannequin they mannequins have in their garden. Here are some of my favorites.

Mannequins can last for years in your garden especially if it is made out  of fiberglass (the same material as a surfboard).

Some people paint the mannequins to give them an aged, patina as if they have been in the garden for decades.

If you like some of these ideas, we sell new and used mannequins  Mannequin Madness so you can get the exact look you want for your garden.


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