If you are looking for unusual mannequins – for a personal or business need – here are three different places to find them.

Buying used not only saves you money but many times you can find unique one of a kind items that you can’t find at traditional mannequin vendors this this item:

Note: We had just one of these wood mannequins and we sold it when 24 hours from our FB page.

1 The first place to find one of a kind mannequins is when a retail chain is closing. When they close, they typically have a sale a few weeks before they vacate the premises. They sell the store fixtures, lighting, mannequins, furniture, jewelry displays, garment racks – at a deep discount.

Many national retailers have access to store fixtures that you can’t easily buy on your own because sometimes they have exclusive contracts for that style. Or the price point is so expensive that only a retailer buying in bulk can afford.

Nordstrom is closing the following stores in the month of July so if you live in the area, check it out.

7/6 – 7/16
Clackamas, OR
Broomfield, CO
Montclair, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Chandler, AZ
San Juan, PR

7/12-7/22 – Naples, FL

7/16 – 7/25 – Annapolis, MD

7/19 – 7/29 – Freehold, NJ

7/26 – 8/5
Richmond, VA
Dadeland, FL

2  The second place to find unique used items is to buy from a USED mannequin vendor (sometimes listed in google search as Used Store Fixtures). Many of them have a website so that you can buy from them even if you live outside of their area.

But just know that sometimes if they get a single item, they might not put it on their website. So if you can, visit them directly.

For example we only put used items on our website when we have several of the same style. The one of a kind items we post on our Facebook page and instagram (@MannequinMadness)  eed.

All of the examples you see in this blog post are ones that we only posted on our social media platforms.

3 The other way to find unique used items is to check Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or Offer Up in your area.

If you need multiple mannequins that all look identical or from the same series, then that is when you should shop at a traditional retailer.  (Note: we sell both new and used mannequins at MannequinMadness.com)


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