Mannequin Madness has been recycling mannequins for national retail chains for over 10 years. To see our client list, click here.

Retailers from all over the country call us when they are  remodeling stores, closing locations or going out of business,Here are three primarily reasons why they call us.

1 Save money.  Discarding can be expensive cause you need large dumpsters and the waste disposal fees add up. And if the dumpster is not in a secure area it is likely be raided by dumpster divers. And sometimes they can make a  mess in the process of hunting for mannequins, which can create a headache (and extra cost ) for you.

We will recycle your mannequins for free. Depending upon the quantity available we can either pick up at the store level or at a distribution center.

2 Convenience. Although Mannequin Madness is located in Oakland, Ca we have a network of affiliates across the USA. This means if the mannequins are too far away for us to pick up personally, we can have one of our affiliates get them instead.

If we do not have an affiliate in that area we can share in the cost of having the mannequins sent to our facility by trucks. 

So you just have to make one phone call to us and we can facilitate the removal of the mannequins at any location in the US ( and in Toronto)

3 Socially Conscious. Retailers who are committed to sustainability do not want their mannequins ending up in landfills since mannequins are made out of materials that do not biodegrade.

When we say mannequins this includes a range of store fixtures that can be recycled by us – dress forms, jewelry forms, head forms, leg forms, garment racks, pedestals, etc. We just don’t have the room to take large grid wall and large furniture.

NOTE: We realize that some of the mannequins might have damage or missing stands. But we mannequin recyclers, not mannequin garbage collectors, so we require that 80% of the mannequins are in resellable condition.

So if you have mannequins to recycle, call 510 541-7632 or email us at to discuss your needs.