Check out these mannequins made by Patina V that just arrived in our warehouse. Patina V was one of the top mannequin brands. Stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s used these mannequins and when Victoria’s Secret had sexy realistic mannequins in their stores, they were these exact mannequins, but with realistic faces

But a few years ago Patina V went bankrupt and they were purchased by another mannequin company. So an authentic Patina V mannequin is a rare fine. And we now have a huge selection of them.


Last week we received a truckload of them which had been sitting for several years in a Tommy Bahama warehouse. They are in mint condition. 

It took us awhile to get them all assembled and as they were only a few mannequins that were identical. Most of them are in one of a kind poses.

That is the reason why we prefer that you look at our Facebook page to see them. They have a letter on their chest so you can identify the one you want. We posted each girl individually with multiple images.

You can buy them on our website here.

We are selling them at $175 each and if you buy one or more the price is $125 each. Shipping is $70. 

Back in the day, we sold these for $250 and up. And technically we should be charging more for these given their rarity. But between not having room in our warehouse AND the state of retail, we are selling them at this discounted price.