The professional sewing dress forms that we sell are based on “industry” specific sizing which are never the measurements every day people. Their sizes are based on the measurements of a fitting model, which tend to be tall and narrow, not very shapely. Even the plus size ones.

So when our customers were asking  for a sewing form in their exact measurements the choices were to buy fitting pads like these to reshape the form – or to make a  duct tape version. Both choices had their limitations.

Now there is another option – DittoForm.  It is not a product we carry but we can highly recommend. Plus if you mention that Mannequin Madness referred you your will receive VIP processing  (meaning your order will go to the front of the queue)  and you will receive a designer upgrade fabric (choice of black or grey) at no additional charge ($50 value)

Ditto Form is a life-size model of a real person.  It starts with a digital body scan whichgenerates an image that is used to create a physical figure.It is a copy, a ditto, of you!

Unlike the typical dress form, a DittoForm starts with a
 precise digital body scan which generates an image file that can be used to create a physical figure. It is a copy, a ditto, of a real person.

DittoForm’s customers up until recently have mostly been home sewers and people creating costumes for themselves. “We have found a growing need for people who have clothes made for them to have a copy of their body,” said Carol Huls, DittoForm president and chief executive officer.

DittoForm moved to Detroit in 2018 to be a part of the growing clothing- and fashion-related manufacturing industry. “The energy here is amazing,” Huls said. “I have established relationships with technology consultants, master crafts-persons, clothing manufacturers and fashion designers, as well as experienced sewists and instructors. It is an exciting time of innovation and expansion for DittoForm.”

DittoForm business is based on the philosophy is that “Each and every person is different. No one is standard. And that is Absolutely Beautiful.”

Prices start at $1,500, the scan process takes about an hour with a technician using a digital scanner on a subject wearing foundation garments, and the form can be completed within a few weeks, depending on the backlog of orders.

In California, scans are completed at PersonalFashion, LLC in Los Angeles and Software Tailoring in Santa Rosa. DittoForm staff travel to locations where there are several clients ready to complete scans/purchase DittoForm. In 2021, DittoForm will be able to process scans from Styku locations throughout the country.