If you have a wire or a cloth dress form, it can be the perfect canvas for creating life size holiday decor.  They idea gained popularity as Dress Form Christmas trees but now people are using them for seasonal decor year round.

Here are examples I have found on Pinterest.

This one is one of my favorites – it is so lush and colorful. Love the mix of flowers, leaves and feathers

Here is almost an exact replica but on a cloth versus a wire dress form.

This Halloween theme form was manufactured by a home decor company. But it certainly can be recreated with your own materials.

As this Halloween themed one is actually a pin cushion, but it easily can be duplicated to a life size dress form.

If you like wire dress forms, especially since they can be used indoors or outdoors,  we have them for sale here.

Here is a variation of the same design. This one uses pine garland as a base so it can easily be updated into Christmas holiday decoration.

For more examples of Dress Form Holiday trees, visit our Facebook group. Feel free to post your own designs there.


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