It’s soon to be Mardi Gras time so “let the good times roll” or, as they say in the French Quarter, “laissez les bons moments rouler”!

Mardi Gras is meant to be festive, bright and fun but the pandemic has rained on the Mardi Gras parades and bar hopping this year. Instead of the traditional colorful activities, people are decorating their homes and yards instead.

Here are five of our favorite Mardi Gras trees, these are short and perky:

Whether you live in NOLA or just love to celebrate the holiday, this is the perfect year to create a special decoration – your very own Dress Form Holiday Tree for Mardi Gras!


If you’ve ever made a dress form Christmas Tree, you know that’s it’s easy to do with the relevant colors of Mardi Gras – purple, green, gold, etc. 

And after Mardi Gras is over you can remove the decorations and use the dress form to display clothing or jewelry.

Or you can change the decor and celebrate another seasonal event.

To see more Mardi Gras Trees, see our Pinterest board here:


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