A mannequin cupcake stand is the latest trend in party design. It is a fun, fashionable  and dramatic way to display sweets. 

After the event is over you can re-use the dress form to display clothing or jewelry, so this is pretty AND continually functional. 

There are some vendors on Etsy who sell the cupcake stands, but they are a little pricey.

Even if you are only slightly crafty, these are easy to make on your own. Plus you can choose the color scheme to coordinate with the rest of the event decor.

From A Ricardson

We made this cupcake stand at Mannequin Madness using one of the recycled dress forms we sell at discount prices. The total cost of the stand excluding the dress form was just $20!

Our stand is made out of inexpensive materials – foam core, plastic cups and Velcro squares. As long as no one peeks underneath the “skirt” to see what is underneath, the fabric makes it look much more expensive than it really is. We have a digital tutorial for $1.99 to explain how we did it here:

These other cupcake stands  were made by other designers whose work we admired. We created this board on Pinterest to showcase other examples.

While most of the stands are used to display cupcakes or small desserts, they could be used to hold champagne glasses or gift items.