Mannequin Madness has been a long time advocate for retailers to include plus size mannequins in their online and in-store displays.

Finally we are starting to see this happen. Look at this display at Target where the plus size mannequin is upfront and center standing side by side with the thin mannequins.

In the past if a retailer had a few token plus size mannequins they were regulated to the back of the store where the plus size clothing were displayed.

We carry a wide range of plus size mannequins. Here is a sample of what we have in order of popularity.

1 This plus size torso which we call Marlene is very popular for vendors selling plus size lingerie.

Marlene is voluptuous, instead of matronly which is unfortunately what most plus size torsos look like.

She is available without a stand – to make it easy to use as a tabletop display at a trade show. Or you can put her on a stand and she also also display dresses and other garments.

2 Our Nancy series of mannequins are egghead mannequins like the ones Target has. They are available a variety of poses in either glossy white or matte white finish.

3 We also carry a headless version of Nancy that we call the Nina series. Nina is only available in a glossy finish.

To see our entire collection of plus size mannequins including ghost mannequins click here.

When it comes to dress forms versus mannequins we also have a variety of choices.

There are plus size body forms which are more for display versus sewing purposes. Sizes range from 14/16 to 18/20.  And we have the hanging style with the partial leg.

And for designers who are making plus size clothing we have plus size sewing forms that go up  to size 22.

The only style of plus size mannequins we don’t have at the moment, but are trying to find a source who can provide them are the plus size mannequins Rhianna used for her Fenty clothing line.

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