Many of the buyers of our used mannequins are from the costume design/cosplay community. While a lot of them buy online, I decided to ask the people who buy in our store what it is they like about shopping at Mannequin Madness. Here is what they said:

1 Price – the prices on the recycled mannequins (we acquire them from retail chains when they close or remodel) is extremely competitive. The majority of the full size mannequins are in the $80-$100 range but some like this headless male are only $50.

This photo below is from a customer who bought the mannequin above. So you can see that a headless mannequin can display a costume with a helmet.

2 Convenience – One of the things our local customers love the most is they can bring their costume with them to try it on the different styles of mannequins we have on hand. This allows them to get exactly what they need – which is often different from what they originally thought they needed.

Note: the customer below brought in his costumes for a video shoot. We rent out the photo studio in our warehouse and included in the rental is the use of our mannequins.

4 Value  – just because our mannequins are used doesn’t mean they are beat up or damaged. They might have have some minor signs of wear and wear, but frequently they are brand new or barely used.

5 Durability  – the mannequins we acquire from retail chains are extremely well made because they have to be able to withstand the abuse which happens in a busy retail environment. What this means to our cosplayers is that the mannequin is capable of wearing a heavy costume or holding equipment without falling apart.

We love the many ways that we serve the cosplay community. Check out our Pinterest board which shows examples of mannequin displaying costumes at ComicCon and similar events.


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