Forget the green thumbs…consider using mannequin legs as décor for your garden!

Mannequin legs – especially used, upcycled ones – are a perfect accessory, offering a little amusement and fun for your garden space.

You can use mannequin legs in various ways. For one, you can place a pair of mannequin legs upside down in your yard a la the Wicked Witch of the South in The Wizard of Oz, like this:

Or, just use one, like this:

 You can also use legs as a container for your plants. Look at this…

or this

You can also use the legs as a platform for your plant container, as in these two photos:

We frequently have used mannequin legs for sale and other mannequin body parts at this link at Mannequin Madness.
You can buy a single leg for a whimsical herb garden

Whether it’s one leg, a pair of legs or a torso with legs, you can add whimsy and delight to your garden and generate a lot of walk-by interest.

You can see more ideas about using mannequins as garden décor on this Pinterest board here.