While mannequins in tv commercials aren’t as memorable as the ones in the The Twilight Zone After Hours episode or the movie “Mannequin” but they still get a starring role every now and then.

As an owner of a mannequin warehouse I sometimes do think my mannequins “come alive” in the evening after we are closed, cause I swear they seem to be in a different place when I come back the next day.

Here are my favorite tv commercials with mannequins having a significant role in the story line.

1 Mercedes Benz – Leave to Mercedes to create something classy with mannequins.

2 White Castle – Watch what happens when a visual merchandiser leaves his mannequins unattended and unassembled in a store window display. 

3 Axe This deodorant commercial is a little cray cray

4 Old Navy – The talking mannequins were a bit corny and I hated the style of mannequins they used. But on the plus size the mannequins were ethnically diverse which is a rarity in retail window displays

5 Stay Free Sanitary Pads – I thought this was a creative way of showing how women can sometimes feel immobilized when they are on their period

Bonus Commercial

5 GEICO – Although this plays to the negative stereotype that mannequins are creative, they get bonus points for the selection of vintage mannequins they chose.

If you need a mannequin for your tv commercial we have new and used ones for sale at MannequinMadness.com


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