For the month of May which is Asian American heritage month, I featuring the Asian mannequins that Rootstein produced.

This is Zaldy Goco the only other Asian male mannequin produced by Rootstein besides Daisuke (featured yesterday). Zaldy is Filipino American.

Zaldy is one of the few male Rootstein mannequins who became a well known celebrity after his modeling days were over. More about that in a minute.

Zaldy is one of the first gender bender mannequins EVER produced. He was part of the boy/girl series which featured models with an androgynous look.

Zaldy was presented as a male and also as a male in drag. This was in 1996 so needless to say this was quite cutting edge.

In 1995, he was featured as a model in a British television advertisement for Levi’s and he appeared as in drag. The ad was considered too scandalous for the US so it was never aired here, but you can see it on YouTube

After he stopped modeling Zaldy became a costume designer. He was the costume designer for Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour, Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour, and Britney Spears’s Femme Fatale Tour. He has won Emmys for his costume design for RuPaul’s drag race.

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