If you have seen the dress form Christmas trees that are trending on Pinterest and always wanted to make one we can help make that happen.

Mannequin Madness has been making dress form Christmas trees since 2004 and we created digital tutorials to show others how to make them in 2008.

After these two below were on display at the White House in 2014, (thank you Michelle Obama) the popularity of them exploded.

Given that we sell new and used dress forms – which are the “canvas”needed  for creating this fashion forward holiday decoration- it is only natural that we are the experts.

Last year we started hosting zoom classes and they were such a big hit we are offering them again.

In the class we show you step by step instructions as well as some shortcuts. we have learned along the way. The classes are live so you have a chance to ask questions.

You have the option of taking the class for free if you buy one of the dress forms here.

If you already have a dress form, the zoom class is just $25 and you can book it here. And it includes our digital tutorial and discounts on holiday decor from one of our favorite vendors.

All of the Dress Form Trees in this post (with the exception of the White House one) were designed by our team OR by someone who bought our digital tutorial.

These photos demonstrate how dress form trees are like snowflakes, no two are just alike. Each one is as unique as you are.

Join our Crafty Fun with Mannequins Facebook group we showcase Dress Form Holiday trees to see other examples and how they can be used year round. Like this one for fall displays.