Sometimes you have a costume that is so special, you want to have it on display.Then you can enjoy the costume all year long, not just when you are wearing it.

Displaying it on a mannequin ( as opposed to on a hanger) will help the costume hold its shape. Since the cost of a new mannequin can be pricey (taking funds away from your next costume or ComicCon trip) a secondhand mannequins is ideal. Secondhand doesn’t mean, beat up or distressed. It just means it is not new.

Mannequin Madness has been a fan favorite of cosplayers for years. Our continual supply of secondhand mannequins that we have recycled from retail chains gives cosplayers lots of choices.

Here are a few items we currently have in our Oakland, Ca warehouse (we ship if you live out of the area) : One of customers sent this this photo of his Star Wars costume on the mannequin he purchased from us.

He had purchased  this headless male mannequin that we are selling for $80.

As you can see, although the mannequin is headless, the neck is long enough to support the helmet sitting on it.

Another one of our cosplay customers

Purchased one of our $80 cloth male dress forms on a stand to display his costume. Once again, this was a headless item but it can still support a helmet

Not to leave the female cosplayers out, but for some reason we don’t have any photos of our female customers with their costumes. But here is an example of one, a fairy costume on a dress form like the ones we are selling here for $80.

We have other used items that cosplayers like, such as mannequin heads. Our inventory changes all the time so if we are out of stock of what  you like, send us an email.

We also sell new mannequins. Like this one which is a fan favorite because the limbs are bendable.


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