One of our customers purchased one of the four second hand body builder mannequins we had for sale that we recycled from an Adidas warehouse. Comparable brand new mannequins in this pose are about double the price that he paid.

But Instead of using it as the weightlifter he removed the bar holding the dumbbells  —

And it was the perfect pose to use as a tribute to Rocky Balboa the boxer from the movie Rocky.

He has a room in his home devoted to his favorite sports and movie memorabilia . While most of the items hang on the wall this mannequins provides a life sized three dimensional display for his collection.

This customer is so creative he even customized the base that the mannequin stands on. Taking it from the wood one and decorated it like this.

At Mannequin Madness we recycle mannequins from retail chains to keep them from being thrown in landfills when the retail closes or remodels. We are then able to resell these mannequins to people like this customer, who need a specialized mannequin at a discount price.


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