So many of our customers are in the fiber arts – whether they knit or crochet – and here are the most popular products that they purchase. They are using them either as a tool to help them to create their design or to display their finished designs to sell online or in a store.

Below are links to the new products we sell, but note the we often have secondhand versions of these which we recycle from retail stores. So check out the used products link on our website.

1   Head forms for displaying hats.

Some of the head forms with a longer neck allow you to also display scarves and addition to hats.

2 Various styles of male, female and child size leg forms to display socks

3 Mannequin hands in an upright position for displaying gloves.

4  A  fiberglass mannequin torso for displaying shawls or sweaters.

5 A cloth dress form that can also be used to display shawls and scarves


Earlier this year Mannequin Madness made a presentation at the Knit and Escape, a virtual event for knitters. We demonstrated how to use your knitting remnants to make a dress form Christmas tree like you see below. Here is the link that describes it.


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