I have lived in California for over 50 years (YIKES) and although I thought I had seen it all. But tI discovered new places to visit in this book:

This is not a book for tourists, but rather for travelers who want to immerse themselves in the culture, history and quirkiness of California. Tourists visit attractions and check them off their list. Travelers seek out the weird, wonderful and obscure.

I like to think that my company, Mannequin Madness which is featured is the “wonderful” part of the book.  But in reality we are probably obscure and weird as well.

Just like one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure, one person’s weird is someone else’s normal.

While I am not sure those are the adjectives I would like as my legacy to be printed on my tombstone. But nevertheless, I love the write up the author did about me and the business:

If you are traveling to the California or if you are an Airbnb host in California, I highly recommend this book.

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