Bay Area jewelry designer Harriete Estel Berman has received international acclaim for the jewelry and sculptures (and jewelry that looks like sculpture) that she designs from recycled materials such as the black plastic containers used in take out food.

So from this—-

Harreite Estel Berman cutting on black plastic 2021. Photo Credit Aryn Shelander.

to this

Black Plastic Recycle Bracelet on Mannequin

Harriette was recently featured on the PBS Show Craft in America on the segment about jewelry design.

Harriete came to visit us at Mannequin Madness to purchase some used mannequin arms and torsos. Given that her work is all about recycling, it makes sense that she display her work on recycled mannequins. We both share the same commitment to keep items out of landfills that do not biodegrade.

She was hoping to create a display similar to the photo below.

Those are her bracelets in an exhibition in Oklahoma a few years ago. Unfortunately we did not have many used arms in stock – we had been raided a month earlier by people doing Halloween displays.

But in her segment on PBS they used a mannequin arm that she purchased from me a few years ago.   

You can see more of her bracelets and the necklace on a mannequin on her website here: