Here is a round of up of the 10 most popular Dress Form Christmas Trees that feature the “ballroom skirt”. Free feel to vote below on your favorite. We have a tutorial to show you how to make them here and we sell dress forms here.


1  We based the  popularity on how frequently the images were repined from our Pinterest board or commented on in our Dress Form Christmas Tree Facebook group.

There are 4 main styles of Dress Form Christmas Trees (but thousands of variations of those styles). The ballroom skirt style is the one we call the Grand Diva because when she is in the room all eyes are on her.


2   The Grand Diva style dress form takes up a lot of room and is a little high maintenance compared to the other styles. But as you can see from these photos, while they have similar characteristics, no two diva’s look alike.

3  You can make them with faux garland or live garland. Most people display them in inside but they can be used outside as well.

At Mannequin Madness we have become the unofficial Dress Form Christmas Tree experts since we were one of the first to sell tutorials to show crafters how to make them. 

5 Some of the trees in this post were ones we found online. Others were made by our customers who purchased the Grand Diva tutorial. Like this one made by Johncie. Rhodes-Kanney from Ohio.  



6 There are two things I love about Dress Form Christmas trees. I love that you can decorate the bottom like a traditional tree and on the top you get to be fashion designer and decorate it like it is wearing an outfit.


7  This dress form tree was at the White House in 2014 and designed by jewelry designer Alexis Bittar. 

8 The second thing I like about a Dress Form Christmas tree is after the holidays are over you can remove the decoration and use the dress form to display clothing or jewelry. So that makes this a eco-friendly way to decorate. Especially if you use faux garland which you can use every Christmas



If you want to see the most popular dress form trees on a wire dress form check out this blog post.


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