Our associates at Papermart sell deco mesh and other crafting products which we use in our dress form Christmas tree tutorials. They give our customers a 10% discount on all their products when you type in the code MMDress10 at checkout.

Their design department is always coming up with creative ways to use deco mesh for seasonable decor on the new or dress forms we sell. Below are instructions for making this Valentine’s Day themed tree.

Materials Needed

How To Make A Beautiful Deco Mesh Flower

1.) First, prep the base of your flower. Using your ruler and pencil, draw straight lines (from corner to corner and side to side) along one side of your cardboard square.

When finished, use the point of your pencil to create small holes along those lines. Make sure your holes are evenly spaced. Set aside when finished.

2.) Next, begin to create your rose petals and leaves by using strips of deco mesh and your scissors. Simply roll your deco mesh flat and cut a 10” x 10” strip. 

Note: In total, we cut 13, 10” x 10” petals from each of our hot pink deco mesh rolls and 2, 10” x 10” leaves from our moss colored deco mesh.

3.) After your strips of deco mesh have been cut out, put one on top of the other and fold the pair into a triangle. Repeat with each of your hot pink deco mesh strips.

4.) Once your rose petals have been shaped into triangles, start creating your flower. Beginning with the center of your flower, take the middle point of your petal and thread it through the center of your cardboard base. Repeat with each of the surrounding holes.

5.) To create a blooming effect, start with the center flower petal. Carefully wrap each corner of the flower petal inward.

Repeat this wrapping motion with each of the surrounding petals. When you have reached the outer edges of your flower, secure the petal ends to the cardboard base with hot glue.

6.) Finally, finish by rolling each moss colored deco mesh strip into simple tube shapes and hot gluing them to the outer corners of your flower.

For more examples of decoration like this, follow our Facebook group or Pinterest.