Who says a Christmas Tree, including a Dress Form Christmas Tree, must use green garlands? Even Kermit would understand if you decided to decorate your tree in another color.

After all, one of the main benefits of making a Dress Form Tree (besides, saving a real tree from being cut and being able to re-purpose it throughout the year) is that you get to make it in whatever style and color that brings you joy.

While green garland is the traditional color people use for their Dress Form Christmas tree, white is becoming a fan favorite. And sometimes the garland is made of other materials than the traditional tinsel or pine leaves.

Here is a round of of our favorite images from our Pinterest board which feature white garland.

One of the reasons I love using white garland for the bottom half — or skirt — of the tree is that the white garland creates a neutral canvas for the rest of your decorating.  You can pretty much put anything on a white tree skirt.

And, a white tree also evokes an angelic look, perfect for the holidays. A white garland skirt also affords a great contrast for the top or bottom of the tree as in this example.

The plain white gives you freedom to playfully bring color and contrast to the rest of your tree, as in this Edwardian-like tree…

…and this more whimsical tree…

One retail window dresser took the concept to the max by creating a white garland skirt with a sheer curtain which reveals a lovely holiday scene of excited children running in the street.

Whether you want a look that says simplicity or neutral, white garland easily fits the bill. This dress form tree is elegant without anything except white, off-white and blush white trimmings.

Here’s another example where white is the overall theme, with simple touches of a red waist ribbon and 3 plain ornaments. The simplicity gives it a classic look.

You can get glam and glitzy with the white theme as well. This tree contrasts the white with gold/silver and fur. Note the top hat and stole which looks ideal for a night-out-on-the-town wintery look. 

Similarly, the glitz look of this tree is generated from the sequin bodice and complimentary ornaments of red and gold. It’s a Dress Form Christmas Tree in black tie.

You can find more examples of Dress Form Christmas Trees with white garland on this Pinterest page. Or, to see a variety of all different styles of Dress Form Christmas Trees see our board here.

The best part of creating a Dress Form Christmas Tree is that you get to make it in whatever style you wish. To assist you in doing this, we have new and used dress forms for sale and we have digital tutorials to show you how to create the structure for a Dress Form Christmas tree..

In summary, white garland can offer you simple elegance with the option of glamming it up or down. This lovely window display says is all…without color. I think I can hear “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” playing softly in my ear.


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