Mannequin arms can be used for displaying purses in both retail window displays and in your home. Here are some of our favorites from our Pinterest  board on this subject.

The window display above says it all. What woman doesn’t enjoy that orgasmic feeling of seeing a purse for the first time and saying, in her head or out loud: “Love it!” The pleasure of seeing it, touching it, picking it up as if she owned it cannot be easily measured but the window displayer knew exactly how to capture that feeling. The mannequin arms touch the bag and express the feeling simultaneously.

Mannequin arms and hands can represent – metaphorically – the universal parts of every woman shopping and dressing. In the window below, the two “women” have different hair/hats, scarves, shoes, and bags but the common parts are their arms. And is it any wonder that your eyesgo right to their arms to see what they are holding?

A similar theme runs in the store display below. Two different mannequin women – one in casual dress, the other dressier – both surrounded by a variety of mannequin hands, each pair of hands holding a uniquely different purse. It feels almost like a candy store offering an array of goodies to be seen and tasted. Yum!

I love the abstract creativity below, using mannequin body parts to create a genderless person who holds his/her bag in their lap, something most of us like to do.

Thesetwo of store display examples use several mannequin arms to show off different shoulder bags and backpacks. It’s especially nice because you can see what they look like from afar, then slip off the bags and transfer them to your own shoulder to try them out yourself. And just as easily put them back.

Some of the window and store displays we see can also be adapted for our own homes and closets. These photos show how you can install mannequin arms to display/store your own purses and bags.

Lastly, there’s nothing like a classic mannequin dress form to re-purpose as a holder of small bags with shoulder straps. How many would you have to place on this dress form?

To see more examples of mannequins and mannequin parts used to display purses, check out our Pinterest page.


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