The strategic use of the right prop can create a visual display that will make your product irresistible and it will sell faster. Mannequins can do this not only for clothing but for purses as well. Check out these examples:

1 This is one of my favorites, adding signage on the extended mannequin arm.

This window display captures the feeling of what it is like to see the purse, touch it and pick it up. We sell mannequin dress forms with arms like this here.

2 These floating mannequin arms paired with wall mounted mannequin heads is a clever way to sell hats, sunglasses, scarves in addition to the purses.

3 These two mannequins are surrounded by an variety of purses -almost like a candy store offering an array of goodies to be seen and tasted. We sell articulated mannequin hands in a natural wood color here.

4 I love the abstract creativity below, using mannequin body parts to create a “person”who holds their bag in their lap, something most of us like to do.

5 These two in store display examples use mannequin arms to show off different shoulder bags and backpacks. Here is the female version.

6 Here is the male. What I like about both of these is customers can see what they look like from afar, then slip off the bags and transfer them to their own shoulder to try them out.. And just as easily put them back.

7 Normally this wall going up the staircase would be unused display space, But by using mannequin hands without the arms, this store was able to display multiple a visually appealing way. We sell used mannequin hands for projects like this here.

If you don’t want to disassemble a mannequin you have to create some of the display ideas above, we sell used mannequin arms here

To see more examples of mannequins and mannequin parts used to display purses, check out our Pinterest page.