Etsy is more than a website to buy handmade goods. It is also where people who make handmade goods shop to buy the supplies they need to design or display their creations.

A mannequin dress form one of those items.

This one has over 81 five star reviews from Etsy customers in less than 3 months. Considering that many people don’t even bother to leave a review, this is significant.

 Here is a sample review.

At Mannequin Madness we frequently have used dress forms for sale that we have recycled from retail chains that were closing or remodeling. We resell them on Etsy and our website at discount prices.  Here is another review from an Etsy buyer.

As you can see from these two sample reviews, used or recycled does not mean they are inferior in quality.  In fact sometimes the dress forms we acquire from retail stores are often superior in quality to the new ones we sell which are imported from China.

Dress forms from a retail store have to be durable enough to withstand the abuse and multiple handling that takes place in a  busy retail environment.

So they are manufactured differently and the materials are stronger. For example instead of stand made out of aluminum, the stands are made out of steel. It is like buying like buying a used Lexus versus a new Kia.

Not ALL used dress form are like this, it depends upon what retail store they came from. More retails are started to contact us to recycle their unwanted mannequins instead of throwing them in landfills. We can then offer our customers a wide selection of choices, but once an item sells out, we cannot reorder.

So if you want the dress form described in this blog, you better hurry as they are selling fast.


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