If youhave a collection of buttons leftover from various sewing projects here are creative ways to repurpose them into decorative art. (Note: these could also be done with beads that you collect from Mardi Gras)

All you need to do these is a mannequin form, a glue gun and a little patience.

1 This one uses a two-color palette and buttons of different shapes and textures.

2 This miniature mannequin sparkles with iridescent buttons…

3 …while this piece uses muted toned buttons of various shapes and colors.

4 This maker contrasts white buttons with button ”flowers,” front and back…

5 And this artist used a one-color palette of bright orange and yellow…

6 This torso features a belt in black buttons against a dress of white buttons…

7 And, lest we forget the other gender, this button art piece features a gentleman, complete with head.

Button art is not for everyone to create but, hopefully, it’s a sight for sore eyes for everyone to enjoy. We sell new and used dress forms at Mannequin Madness for your buttons art projects.

 For more examples like this visit this Pinterest board:



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