Here is a way to add some creative flair to yourMemorial Day and The Fourth of July decoration using a mannequin dress form. Below are 6 easy DIY projects we found on this Pinterest board. 

1 I have a feeling that this one was made with vintage pieces but maybe the creator just made them look old.

Source:, Pinterest

2 If you are uncertain about whether it is appropriate to drape a flag on a dress form, here is an alternative.

Source: Pinterest

3 Here is another that relies on the apparel versus a flag

Source: Etsy, Pinterest

4 This one is a good way to repurpose fabric scraps.

5 One of the reasons why we recommend using a dress form for holiday decoration is that it is an eco-friendly way to decorate.  After the holidays are over, you can reuse the dress form to display clothing or jewelry.

6 And if you really want to be eco-friendly you can purchase a used rather than a new dress form from us.

For more examples of patriotic themed dress form holiday trees, we have them on this Pinterest board.


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