This collection of photos features ways that event planners use mannequins to advance a wedding theme.

This dress form made out of balloons and flowers is a signature style of Balloonacy based in Boston.

Here is another example from them. This light-hearted wedding gown of white balloons looking like lovely “pearls” must have made a strong visual impact on guests.

In contrast, this oh-so-elegant wire dress form enhanced with fresh flowers offers a more classic vibe to a reception. We understand that it was inspired by a bridal gown.

The large mannequin torso below was created to either capture gifts at a bride’s bachelorette party or to display dessert.

If this scene below was for the bridal shower, I’d love to see the ceremony and reception settings by this event planner. This was done by DiamantDuJour in Queens NY.

And this beautifully decorated dress form  was positioned beside the photo studio wall seen in the background.

For more ideas like this, visit our Pinterest board. And if need to buy a new or  used dress form we sell them at MANNEQUINMADNESS.COM 


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