‘Tis the season for brides – showers, weddings, receptions – and mannequins often make a frequent appearance in the form of displays and décor to help make wedding activities chic and glamorous.

This floral wedding gown looks as if it had been couture designed and sewn by hand but, it’s hundreds of white chrysanthemums.

This collection of photos from our Pinterest board features other ways that florists embellish mannequins and dress forms to create bridal themes.

This wedding dress of flowers it will bring a touch of elegance to a wedding reception.

Here, a full mannequin is decorated with orchids to create an exquisite floral wedding gown. We wonder if the “bride” will be shown at a garden show, a bridal fair or a wedding reception.

And, amazingly, this mannequin torso is adorned from top to bottom with a variety of different floral.  It would be perfect for a bridal shower or reception, wouldn’t it?

Photos of mannequins and wedding gowns – whether created from paper or fresh flowers — just make us feel happy. We hope they have the same effect on you.

We sell new and used dress forms at MannequinMadness.com and we have more ideas like this on our Pinterest boards.


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