Do you have  a large collection of buttons stashed away from sewing projects or that you  inherited from a hoarder?  Here is a cool way to upcycle them into an art piece for your home or retail space.

All you need is a mannequin dress form or torso and a hot glue gun. Since you are going to be covering it with buttons, it is doesn’t matter what condition the mannequin is in. So save some money and buy a used one which you can find on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace or Mannequin Madness (discount coupon code at end of this article )

1 This piece uses a two-color palette:

2 This miniature mannequin sparkles with iridescent buttons…

3 …while this piece uses muted toned buttons of various shapes and colors.

4 This maker contrasts white buttons with colorful button ”flowers, “leaves,” and “stems,” front and back…

5 And this artist used a one-color palette of bright orange and yellow to make an impactful statement…

6 This torso features a belt in black buttons against a dress of neutral buttons…

7 And, lest we forget the other gender, this button art piece features a gentleman, complete with a button “head.”

To see more button art on mannequins, check out this Pinterest board.

 If you’d like to try your skill at making a piece you can buy a used or new mannequin at Mannequin Madness and use this coupon code to get a discount at checkout: MM BLOG.

Button art is not for everyone to create but, hopefully, it’s a sight for everyone to enjoy.


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