We frequently rent mannequins as props for various fund raisers and promotional activities for
Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Many of activities were for BRA Day (breast reconstruction day) where people compete for the
most creative way to decorate a bra to bring attention to this medical condition.
Like this one which focuses on some of the iconic symbols of breast cancer awareness and, of
course, the signature hot pink color.

Source: April Pintard, Pinterest

Or this entry that celebrates someone’s birthday AFTER their victory over breast cancer.

Source: Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program
One of my all-time fav entries is this “Hello Titty” bra entry.

Source: clisette.wordpress.com
But, this one is my next best fav entry…

A group called “Team Knockout” submitted this one, using rhinestone-embellished Everlasting
boxing gloves to gear up for the fight…

Source: CancerCarePoint, San Jose, CA

Other creative ways mannequins are used at Breast Cancer Awareness events are like this
where a mannequin torso is decorated in pink flowers and ribbon serves as a centerpiece for

Source: tabletwentyone.wordpress.com

While this torso was decorated with pink gummies and fabric.

Source: Curlicues & Confections, Pinterest

…and this BCRF décor was created from mannequin heads and pink wigs (often worn by women
in chemo)

Source: www.arlenescostumes.com

This display shows a mannequin with one breast removed. It is not only raising awareness but
normalizing women who’ve had to have one or both breast removed to save their lives.

The wire dress forms in this window display call out for hope, strength and courage in the ongoing
fight against breast cancer…

Source: Tenora Watt, Pinterest

…while this wire dress form screams “breast cancer awareness” month with its hot pink ribbons
as embellishments.

Source: sewcoco.blogspot.com

Whatever you can do to support a cure for breast cancer and support for those we have it, we
want to partner with you. At Mannequin Madness we have a range of new and used
mannequins, torsos and dress forms for sale for your displays. We are offering a 10 %discount
with the code: MMBLOG.


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