The idea of decorating a mannequin dress form for a holiday themed display, is no longer just for the Christmas season,. Here are some ways you can decorate them for the fall season.

We did NOT make these, they are from our Pinterest board. We sell new and used dress forms and tutorials to show you how to make them which you can find here.

1 This one is so lush and colorful. Love the mix of flowers, leaves and feathers

2 Here is almost an exact replica but on a cloth versus a wire dress form.

3 This one is “bewitching.”

4 As this Halloween themed one is actually a pin cushion, but it easily can be duplicated to a life size dress form.

5 This one is so pretty I would not mind having it on display all year round.

6 Here is a variation of the same design. This one uses pine garland as a base so it can easily be updated into Christmas holiday decoration.

If you like the idea of decorating dress forms for the holidays, join our Facebook group to see examples from all over the world, all year round.


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