‘It’s so surreal’: meet the woman whose body has been made into the first-ever mannequin based on a real customer

We’re all familiar with the experience of glancing into a shop window and seeing a pin-thin, unrealistically proportioned mannequin staring back at us, ‘wearing’ the clothes which we’re leafing through on the rails. It can be a disconcerting feeling, and often gives little indication of how said clothes will look on our bodies. British retailer […]


How to Create Fantastic Halloween Displays Using Mannequins and Mannequin Limbs

For budget friendly ideas for your Halloween/Haunted House displays, we’ve created this Pinterest board. The board contains over 100 images we have found online of the most unique DIY displays people have created using mannequins and mannequin parts.   Our mannequin boneyard – where we sell distressed mannequins and mannequin parts – at deeply prices is […]


5 Common Mistakes of Setting a Window Display

When setting up a window display you have to consider many aspects, especially if you are an independent retailer and you don’t have a visual merchandiser to help you. This blog post was written by Marcia Gigante a visual merchandiser based in Italy, and sometimes the translation is a little rough.  However, the principles of good visual merchandising are […]