Did you know that Rootstein manufacturers MALE mannequins, not just female ones?

When most people think of Rootstein mannequins the y think of the dramatic realistic mannequins that are replica’s of real life models and personalities. Like this one of model Coco Rocha:   But they also make a fabulous collection of male mannequins. However, just like on the catwalk, male mannequins (as well as male clothing […]

Do you recognize these vintage Rootstein mannequins?

Here is another installment of our  “we love Rootstein mannequins”series features. This one features  photos of vintage Rootstein mannequins and the real life model whose image their replicate. BTW, if you are looking to buy a vintage Rootstein mannequins, we frequently get them in our mannequin liquidation business. Sign up here to receive an email […]

Rootstein mannequins are pricey because they are modeled after Real People

Mannequins are like supporting actors and the clothing they wear are the star of the show. An ugly mannequin can detract from the clothing, just like inexperienced cast members can ruin the show no matter who the lead character is. Rootstein mannequins are the “super-models”in the mannequin industry. They are the brand seen most often in […]