Two Things Retail Clothing Store are doing to be more Green (year round, not just for Earth Day)

This week while we celebrate Earth Day, let’s recognize some of the strides the retail industry has made to reduce their environmental footprint. First, we are seeing more retailers use recycled elements in their window displays, like this one from Diane Von Furstenburg using recycled cups. and old tires are a popular prop at Anthropologie […]

5 unique reasons why people rent mannequins and where to go to rent a mannequin.

In the 12 years we’ve been renting mannequins at Mannequin Madness we have seen every conceivable purpose why people rent mannequins. Besides the obvious – a photo shoot, trade-show, theatre production , fashion show – here are some of the more unique reasons why people have rented mannequins. 1 For a memorial service to display the […]

Mannequin in West Hollywood Window Display Promotes HIV Awareness

Mannequins are often used by retailers to bring attention to a social or political cause. For example, Vivianne Westwood had a window display to bring awareness to domestic violence. In West Hollywood, ES Collection, a menswear boutique that sells swimwear and athletic clothing, had this display about HIV. The store has installed a bald-headed mannequin […]

Mannequins Make a Comeback

Mannequins have evolved as much as the clothing they are made to show off, incorporating trends and artistic influences decade after decade. At Ralph Pucci International, no matter how radical the shape or color of a mannequin may be, the process always begins in an old-school fashion: with an idea and a piece of clay. […]