Celebrities that been turned into Mannequins by Adel Rootstein Company

This is the last post in our month long blog series devoted to Rootstein mannequins. In our mannequin liquidation business, we have recycled mannequins for all the major retailers and we have handed mannequins from every mannequin manufacturer. While every manufacturer has their unique niche, the Rootstein brand of mannequins is the most popular among […]

Bloomberg TV profiles the “working stiffs”at Mannequin Madness Recycling Company

When a producer at Bloomberg TV requested to interview me for a segment, I thought it was a jokes. Why would Bloomberg TV – which I thought focused on financial matters, global issues and technology companies – be interested in my niche mannequin business? Turns out that frequently does video profiles on sustainability issues. […]

Did you know that Rootstein manufacturers MALE mannequins, not just female ones?

When most people think of Rootstein mannequins the y think of the dramatic realistic mannequins that are replica’s of real life models and personalities. Like this one of model Coco Rocha:   But they also make a fabulous collection of male mannequins. However, just like on the catwalk, male mannequins (as well as male clothing […]