This Small Business in Oakland is Making a Big Environmental Difference in the Retail Industry

According to EcoWatch, the fashion industry is one of the least environmentally friendly industries in the world, second only to the oil business. Fortunately  a lot of attention is now being focused on how to produce clothing in more sustainable ways. But very little is discussed about sustainable visual merchandising of clothing within a retail store. […]


Mannequin Recycling Business in Oakland, Ca Creates Opportunities for Others

I have written several blog posts about the environmental impact Mannequin Madness has made in reducing waste in the retail industry. Our mannequin recycling business is not only making a difference to the community environmentally, but economically as well. Shortly after I started Mannequin Madness in 2001, I was profiled on CNN. The segment was seen […]


Window Display Tips for Charity, Thrift & Consignment stores

Charity Shops and Consignment Stores have some unique challenges when it comes to creating eye-catching window displays. They are competing with every other retailer to attract shoppers in their stores, yet the don’t have their budget, staff or resources to create window displays that are enticing. And their inventory is unpredictable, which makes planning a […]


Oakland Environmental Activist Helps Retail Chains “Be Green” – One Dummy At a Time

When you hear the term “environmental activist” you probably don’t picture someone who looks like this and recycles mannequins. As the owner of Mannequin Madness I have been advocating for retail chains to recycle their mannequins and I have personally handled the recycling process for them  for over 15 years. Prior to my advocacy it […]