Mannequins & Design


This is a repost from the Reseller Assistant, a company that specializes in managing Poshmark accounts for sellers. They provide virtual assistants that can convert your Poshmark listings into sales.

One of the ways they suggest you can increase your sales is by displaying your clothes on a mannequin, dress form or ghost mannequin. We sell all three at Mannequin Madness and we frequently have used dress forms for sale which are in excellent condition. Our customers tell us all the time how buying a mannequin form increased their sales. And this article below from a third party explains why a mannequin is worth the investment.

One of the most important aspects of your Poshmark endeavor…how your clothes look, right? If your items appear drab and dull, if they don’t stand out and aren’t photographed effectively, they will not get noticed. And ultimately, you will not make any sales. The goal of your Poshmark business is to make money after all.

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