This article from Thoughtnova about the Dress Form Christmas Tree trend (which we helped to promote ) and they included one of our designs. (the turquoise one with the peacock feathers. These article was earlier this month so they didn’t mention our 2022 Dress Form Holiday tree contest which you can read about here. .

When it comes to Christmas decorations, we all have our own personal tastes and preferences. Many people are also keen to make their festive décor stand out from the crowd and look really unique.

Billie Blair is one of my personal favorites out of all the Rootstein collections for three reasons. The primary reason is her role in fashion history (more about that below).

The second reason is she was from a Rootstein series where the poses were atypical from the standard standing poses of hand on hips or arms straight down. Instead her poses exuded movement and exuberance as you can see from the catalogue below.

A fiberglass or styrofoam mannequin head can be a canvas that can transformed into a unique garden planter. Plants in the head take on a life of their own as “hair” and the styles are as endless as the types of plants.

This one looks like a little garden fairy with the rosemary and succulents for her hair. Here is a YouTube video that shows you how to make transform a styrofoam mannequin head into a “concrete” like planter like this one :

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