Dress Form Holiday trees


Traditionally dress from Christmas trees have been made using green garland or sometimes white garland which you can see here.

But now that people are often using them year round for various seasonal events we are seeing them made out of garland of different colors. This is why we now refer to them as dress form holiday trees, instead of Christmas trees.

Here are some of our favorite examples of non green garland dress form trees from our Pinterest board.

This golden lady for Christmas could easily be tweaked for Mardi Gras.

What’s your favorite color? Gold? Silver? That preference could be based on many things –childhood memories, college athletic colors, your sorority, your wedding color scheme, you defeating cancer, etc. Whatever your favorite color is, why not bring it into your holiday décor?

Beyond the popular gold and silver, consider using your favorite color for your tree garland e.g. pink, lavender or blue, as in these trees:

The best part of making a Dress Form Christmas Tree is that you are not limited to any color. In fact, the best-est part is making a tree that totally reflects YOU and that includes the colors you choose.

Then, there’s always classic red, as in this tree, contrasted with a green bodice:

Red can serve double duty – Christmas and Chinese New Year:

Or, do something totally unexpected, like using peacock feathers:

It’s worth repeating: It’s your Dress Form Christmas Tree so let it reflect YOU, YOU, YOU and help make your spirits merry and bright!

For more examples of non-green garland dress form trees our this Pinterest board here. And to see examples of all different types of dress form holiday trees click here.

It’s not too soon to think about what type of dress form holiday tree you want to make. We have new and used dress forms for sale on our website and tutorials that you can download with instructions to show you how to make one.

The 10 most Beautiful Dress Form Christmas Trees on a Wire Dress form

Most dress form Christmas trees are designed on a cloth covered dress form. But wire dress forms are gaining in popularity. At Mannequin Madness we sell both which you can find Here.

We created a Dress Form Christmas Tree Board on Pinterest with images of dress form trees around the world divided by category. One of the boards is for wire dress forms and these are our top 10 favorites. You can see more the rest Here

1. This was the first example of a dress form Christmas tree that I ever saw on a wire dress form. I love it because it looks like it is really wearing a “dress” and I love the addition of the jewel tone stones around the neck and on the belt.

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