The lack of plus size mannequins in retail store windows is something we have been complaining about for awhile several blog posts. Keep in mind a plus size mannequin is a size 10 or 12 which is not exactly a plus size for humans.

The recent popularity of grammy winner Adele and Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks has caused a slight surge in plus size mannequins like the ones we sell at Mannequin Madness.

But still, we rarely see plus size mannequins in a store window. Especially a store window that is NOT exclusively for a plus size retailer.

Well one of our customers, Peekay Inc, sent us a photo of a curvy, sexy plus size mannequin in their store in Pulyallup, Washington.

At first we thought is was just her boobs that were plus size, but upon closer examination, she is indeed a plus size mannequin.

While Peekay Inc is speciality retailer selling romantic and sensual products and it is significant that they appreciate curvy women. Plus their plus size mannequin is not only holding her own standing next to a size 6 mannequin but is under a sign that says “sexy sweet.”

Most retailers act as if curvy and sexy are mutually exclusive. Ever see a plus size mannequin in a Victoria Secret store?

What do you think? Is Peekay Inc. taking the lead in making plus size mannequins more social acceptable? Or do you think plus size mannequins should be hidden in the back of the store like other retailers do.

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ronald martens
10 years ago

Perfect! That’s great.Bravo.You did a good job.

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