Here are three different style retailers all selling the same product in their window: lingerie.

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By looking at the type of mannequin and props they use in the window can you tell which retailer is the consignment store, which one is the sex store and which is the upscale boutique?

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As you look at each window, think of three adjectives to describe what the store might be like inside.

In PART 1 of the series of creating retail window displays that sell more products, I wrote about the importance of being able to answer concisely these questions before you start putting items in your window.

What is your store’s image or personality? Who is your ideal customer?

When you are clear about what your store’s brand is and who your target customer is, then it makes it much easier to narrow down the type of mannequins, signage and props the are appropriate for your window displays.

If you sold athletic clothing for example, it would be preferable to have mannequins in your window in an active pose than mannequins that looked like they just stepped off the runway. However if you sold expensive golf or ski items, then a fashion looking mannequin would be preferable to the type of mannequin used to sell soccer clothing.

Window displays are like giant billboards, promoting your store 24 hours a day. You want to make sure your window is promoting the right message. Otherwise you will cause your ideal customer to bypass your store or attract shoppers to your store who are not going to be buyers.


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