According to Celebuzz,  one of the items on Lady Gagy’s long list of demands on her tour rider is: a “manquin [sic] with puffy pink public [sic] hair” be present in her backstage suite.
(Apparently who ever wrote up the rider did not use the spell checker. While people misspell mannequins at the time, we assume that they meant “pubic” not “public” hair.
Finding a mannequin to put in her suite is not that hard (promoters can buy a mannequin in most major cities) But mannequins don’t come with pubic hair hair – in any color, let alone pink. So someone has to use a glue gun to attach a patch of hair to the genitals – not a fun project.

Plus the rider did not indicate if she wants a male or female mannequin. A mannequin with a head or headless. Or a realistic head of headless. Come on Steffi – if you got a thing for mannequins, be more specific. 








We wrote on our blog last year about the nearly naked mannequins she had onstage in a concert in England. An a customer bought a mannequin from us to create a Lady Gaga inspired mannequin to give to a friend who is a huge fan of hers.
When Lady Gaga comes to the Bay Area, she should stop by the  Mannequin Madness warehouse. We have all kinds of mannequins on display that she would love. Like these Italian designed mannequins that came from a Giorgio Armani store.




And even better, the mannequins that we have in our Oakland warehouse are ones that we have recycled from retail stores to keep from going to the landfill. Lady Gaga would appreciate that because she always strives to be socially conscious. 

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