A huge shout out to Allure Fits Intimate Apparell, for being one of the few American retailers who features plus size models and mannequins on their website and plus size mannequins in their stores.

1At Mannequin Madness we notice whenever we sell one of our plus size mannequins or dress forms to a retailer – because it happens so infrequently.

While we sell at lot of plus size dress forms to private individuals, it is rare that we sell any of our plus size mannequins retailers. We all know the reasons why.

Earlier this year we sold this curvy torso mannequin  to Allure Fits.


But that was right around the time that the plus size mannequin in a lingerie store in Sweden went viral, so we thought Allure Fits might just be jumping on the bandwagon. Not that this would have been a bad thing to do.

However just recently Allure Fits ordered two of our Nancy series of plus size mannequins, like the one in the photo below.


We thought perhaps they had made a mistake – you know put two items in the shopping cart when they only meant to put in one. But then we saw  they wanted us to ship the mannequins to different retail locations.

We said Woo-hoo and then immediately went to their website to find out – who is this retailer?

Much to our pleasant surprise their website had images of both plus size and skinny models. Meaning they aren’t a retailer that specializes ONLY in plus size intimate apparel.

Instead Allure caters to women in various shapes and sizes and they are all represented on their website. One small quibble is that I didn’t notice any women of color on their website.

Allure Fits carries several European brands of intimate apparel in a wide range of bra sizes up to DDD. So women with a cup size larger than a C can get bras that aren’t the standard black or white made out of bulletproof materials.


Another reason we like them, is Allure Fits has a Pinterest board with plus size models that is similar to our board with plus size mannequins and models. 


Sorry if we are sounding like an informercial for Allure Fits. We are just SO happy to see that they are consistent in showing that beauty comes in all sizes in their social media campaigns as well as their website.

And we love that they include education about breast health within their campaign to sell bras.


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