We originally posted this in March 2016 and we sold out of these Wolf forms within 30 days. If you would like to be notified by email the next time we get Wolf forms in stock, sign up here. 

Now that Wolf has gone out of business (Oct 2016) the value of these has gone UP and the supply on the used market has dwindled. So we aren’t sure when we will get more in stock. You can visit our website and do a search for Wolf or Royal (another good brand) to see what we have at any given time.

A very high end retail store (starts with the letter B) asked us to recycle the Wolf Dress Forms that are no longer using. They have large quantity of Female Size 6 and Male Size 40 and they are in EXCELLENT condition.


As you can see by the markings on the form, they were made in 2007 and the females have collapsible shoulders.

The last batch of used Wolf forms we had for sale came from a museum and they were a little worn and tattered. These forms however, are practically new. They were on the sales floor, not in the tailoring department, so fortunately they didn’t get a lot of manhandling like they would if they were being sewed on every day.


We are selling them for 50% off the normal retail price. So you will pay $420 for the female form and $450 for the male form.