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Be the first to know! Get an email alert the next time Mannequin Madness receives a shipment of “gently used” Wolf Dress Forms (or a similar brand). We sell them a deeply discounted prices.

If you are on our email list you get notified BEFORE we post the Wolf forms on our website. This is why you rarely see Wolf forms on our website – the people on our email list buy them up first.

PLEASE NOTE: sometimes we don’t receive any dress forms for several months, and sometimes we receive truckloads at a time.

That is why we are called Mannequin Madness – you never know what to expect!!!

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About Judi

The unofficial “Queen of Used Mannequin” shares her knowledge about ” all things mannequin” .Judi has handled virtually every brand, make, style, size of mannequin that has been produced in the last 20 years.

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